no tickets? no problem.


The 2015/2016 NHL and AHL hockey seasons are underway and the City is buzzing.

Season tickets are still hard to come by but with Glasshouse, no seasons tickets = no problem. As an owner, by this time next year Home Game will have a whole new meaning.

Above: Glasshouse – second story amenities. Right: Urban Capital – “Hideaway” project in Ottawa.

Above: Glasshouse – second story amenities. Right: Urban Capital – “Hideaway” project in Ottawa.

Here’s how Glasshouse owners experience hockey.

Step 1) Book the 2nd Floor Theatre Room a week in advance at the concierge desk located in the lobby of your building.

Step 2) Invite 15 to 20 of your closest friends and relatives over the night of the big game. Tell them to bring their jerseys and BYOB.

Step 3) Pre-order from your favourite restaurant, or whip up your famous Jack Daniels Pulled Pork Nachos.

Step 4) Load the fridge in the Theatre Room with beverages. Pre-slice a few limes. Turn on the tv and surround sound system.

Step 5) Have your friends show up at your door, drink a few beverages in your loft then make your way down to the Theatre Room for the ‘Oh Canada’ (don’t forget to yell ‘True North’ along with the crowd).

Step 6) Take your seats in front of the projection screen, with surround sound. Your guests will be comfortable with the attached private kitchen.

Step 7) Watch the puck drop and all the action. Eat, drink, cheer and swear, as appropriate.

Step 8) At the final whistle, pop into your loft and let out a few cheers off your balcony as you watch the fans pour out onto Portage Avenue.

Step 9) Feel the excitement of another win as you make your way to your favourite downtown watering-hole just steps away from your front door.

Step 10) Some number of hours later. Put your friends into a cab, and you walk comfortably five minutes back to your beautiful skyloft.

The bonus: Next morning, despite a mild headache, you relive it all at the office coffee pot. You stick your hand in your pocket and find the $100 you didnt spend. Good thing, ‘cause it’s Friday and you’re going to a show at the Burt tonight. How appropriate.