the merchant kitchen & bar

Meet the Neighbours – The Merchant Kitchen and Bar

When you live at Glasshouse, the Merchant Kitchen will be your corner bar.

Check it out at Bazaar – the Unexpected Happy Hour – every Friday from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

It’s your chance to explore the menu with samplings served ‘en el bordos tapas’, try some original handcrafted cocktails and perhaps have a few unconventional experiences.

“We want to change the experience of Happy Hour,” says Bobby Mottola, owner. “Typically you go out after work with one or two people, you sit with them and have a drink or two. That can be fine, but we want to create a more European experience – where people get up and fill their plates with food, where conversation takes place around the bar and across tables, and where music and entertainment adds interest and texture, instead of just volume.”

The Merchant Kitchen and Bar opened last May to great reviews. With street bites, salads, bowls and large plates, the ‘elevated street food’ menu has enough global influences for all tastes, for the brave, there’s tequila on tap and many ‘first in Winnipeg’ cocktail offerings.

Bazaar – the Unexpected Happy Hour is sponsored by Glasshouse – so you just might meet a few of your future neighbours there.