designing with plants

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Plants are a brilliant addition to the interior design of a space, instantly improving air quality and adding interest to any space. We spoke recently with Dominika Dratwa of Verde Plant Design about the particulars on designing with plants at Glasshouse.

“There a so many great plants to choose from,” says Dominika. “Larger tropical specimens, such as monstera, philodendron and fiddle leaf ficus can act as sculptural, statement pieces in a space. Smaller plants and plant groupings add a point of interest drawing the eye in, like a great work of art.”

The right plants can provide a perfect counterbalance to a minimalistic design. “Living spaces designed with clean modern architecture and furniture/décor choices need the warm and organic touches that plants can bring.”
But choosing the right plants is more than strictly a design proposition. Consideration of where to place your plants is an important part of keeping them looking their best.

“South-facing windows are the best light for succulents, cacti and airplants. Tropicals will also do well in this light, provided they are several feet away from the window. For north-facing spaces, choose tropicals such as nerve plants, pothos and spider plants and an assortment of ferns like rabbits foot, leatherleaf button, & staghorn. West and east facing windows have similar light, and it’s good for tropicals such as monstera, philodendron, ficus, rubber trees, palms and some bright green succulents such as jades, aloe and haworthia will do well there.”
Keep in mind proximity is important, adds Dominika. Light quality changes dramatically as you move more than a foot or two away from a window.

Finally, that little bit of care. “Over-watering is the surest way to kill your plants. Most indoor plants don’t like to be to fussed over. When watering make sure to water thoroughly and then leave your plant be. Very few plants like to be watered daily. You can watch your plant for certain signs, for example an overwatered plant’s leaves may start to turn yellow. An under watered plant’s leaves might start going crispy and brown or dropping leaves.”

So, what are the hot trends in the plant world today? “Succulents and airplants are super trendy, people cant get enough of them! Philodendrons, monstera and fiddle leaf ficus seem to be taking the design world by storm adding a sculptural dimension to interior spaces. Terrariums are super popular right now and a great way to display collections of plants.”

And live walls are making their way to Winnipeg. “We live in a subarctic climate where more than half a year there is very little green. Live walls are incredibly lush, making your home super green all year round.”