balcony chic


Summer is here. It’s time to take it outdoors. And with a beautiful Glasshouse balcony, you want to make the most of your space and the incredible experience of your skyloft views. Our friends at BauKorb Outdoor Furniture, who offer sensationally comfortable, high-design outdoor furniture, are the just the pros to talk to when it comes to furnishing your balcony.

“Decorating a balcony is making it come alive by combining your view with the relaxing comfort of high end furniture,” says Brock Bastone, Manager, Baukorb. “Balconies in condos are quite different than furnishing anything else because most condos are very luxury orientated and people more so want to show off every inch of space they have.”

Bastone says that trying to match your indoor and outdoor space isn’t really a priority, as many people think. “You can try and match some things if you will but we have found that for most people the outside is almost a whole other part to the place. When people are being shown around in luxury condos it’s almost like being in an art gallery, you’re looking at different pieces that stand out or draw your attention. In my mind it can be completely different and you can make it however you want, and that’s the best part about it.”

Baukorb Furniture has been operating out of the Exchange District for 3 1/2 years now. The furniture is built to withstand rain, snow, heat and cold. The frames are heavy-gauge aluminum wrapped in wicker that is UV-rated to 5000 hours. The top-quality foam cushions are encased in a highly water-resistant, fade- and stain-resistant custom fabrics.

And of course it is very design-forward.

Brock says that biggest trends trends of 2016 are unique bold colours and patterns that stand out and draw people in. “I have two as my favorites, the Manhattan and the Mount Royal Sofa Set. For a  Glasshouse Condo, I would pick the Mount Royal Sofa set because it looks great on balconies and provides a great comfort for people to hangout.”