moving in: marcos and amanda


Like many Brazilians recently, Marcos and Amanda Araujo made the difficult choice to leave their homeland and start anew in Canada.

This young couple has a lot on the go these days, they recently got married and are in a great state of change. Although they’re starting from scratch, they’re very excited about their choice to live downtown and particularly at Glasshouse.

“We are searching for a better quality of life,” says Marcos. “Our country is now going through a political crisis, and is in the largest corruption scandal in history. We hope that we will have a smoother life here, after all, we are leaving a city with almost 3 million habitants to one with almost 700,000 habitants.”

While Winnipeg is smaller, there is a lot happening downtown that has attracted Marco and Amanda.

“We like downtown. It’s functional and practical living here. We like the Glasshouse location, the building has a gym, the apartment has a balcony and we can open the windows. (This might sound weird to you, but in our last apartment, windows were sealed). We like the view and for the last, the glass walls caught our attention.”

Glasshouse will also be a great place for the couple to showcase their new life in Winnipeg. “This apartment, with this view and location will help a lot with Amanda’s youtube channel.”

Although the windows and the views have been a major attraction, the interior is their favourite feature with the exposed materials and open-concept design.

After all this change, Marcos is anticipating a more relaxed winter. “I look forward to drinking my coffee, while I look outside my new window and everything is white, covered by snow.”