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10 am – Saturday, May 13th

Glasshouse is unlike anything else in Winnipeg. At this one day promotion, come see our high design loft-style suites, fully loaded with 9′ and 10′ ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood floors and contemporary open concept kitchens with stainless steel appliances. Plus spectacular amenities including a huge rooftop lounge and outdoor terrace, fully equipped gym and private theatre room.

Doors open at 10 am and the first five sales will receive discounts valued at up to $35,000. If you have wondered what living at Glasshouse would be like, now’s your chance to find out.

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extended stays with glasshouse

You work hard but the hardest part about work is not being at home. 

Let Glasshouse Skylofts make life easier for you while you’re away. Glasshouse medium to long-term furnished rentals provide more than the comforts of home, with great spaces, new furnishings, high-end finishes, new appliances and in-suite laundry, wifi and cable TV. We also add the little extras that make extended stays even better.

At Glasshouse, you have full access to a new on-site state-of-the-art gym and theatre room. The expansive roof top terrace has breathtaking views of the city, two outdoor fire pits and two BBQs. Inside, there’s a full sized kitchen and a lounge with a pool table. Have your coworkers and friends back to the condo before heading to a show, the pub or a hockey game. At Glasshouse, you get a high design, luxury condo right in the action of downtown Winnipeg.

One of the many benefits of Glasshouse is our Perk program. Perk offers services and discounts to various local businesses, including grocery delivery right to your front door from Cantor’s Grocery and Quality Meat. You can have your groceries delivered the day you arrive. (Manitoba Liquor Marts also offer same day home delivery for under $10.00). 

If you don’t feel like doing laundry, call Glasshouse Perk partner Best Care Dry Cleaners. They will pick up and drop off your laundry. Room service from the Merchant Kitchen is delivered to you door via the skybridge that connects directly to CentrePoint. If friends and family come to Winnipeg, you don’t even have to go outside to visit! They’ll be steps away the Alt Hotel. 

Glasshouse is the best option in Winnipeg for medium to long stays, whether you’re travelling for a corporate contract or extended stays for business travel, we’ll make sure that you feel right at home. 

For more information, call or email Ali



Making your glasshouse your home.

As Glasshouse residents plan to move in, it’s time to start thinking about interior decor. Of course with an urban chic industrial palette, there are a number of ways people can go with their furnishing choices.

Kesay is a local furniture store in Winnipeg that carries some unique furniture brands from around the world. We spoke recently with Dustin Harland, Kesay Design consultant, about the alignment between Kesay and Glasshouse.

“Glasshouse owners and Kesay share an appreciation of sophisticated design, whether it is traditional or modern,” says Dustin. “When design is approached from that viewpoint, people can select a particular style, or blend items from different styles and sources.”

Kesay started as a small furniture store in the heart of downtown Winnipeg over 25 years ago. Their Winnipeg roots and a passion for design have built the Kesay brand into what it is today.

“We carry unique furniture brands from around the world for every style and taste,” says Dustin. “Typically, when people choose items they love, there is a way to make them work well together. For those who prefer, we are pleased to offer experienced advice with our design consultants.”

Kesay carries a number of furniture lines exclusively in Winnipeg, including: Cattelan Italia, Ligne Roset and Della Robbia.

“Since Glasshouse Skylofts offer edited living, it is important that each piece provides the maximum value in both form and function,” adds Dustin. “Some of my favourites for Glasshouse would include Eiffel chairs, a simple Tulip Table, paired with a Mid century modern sofa.

moving in: marcos and amanda


Like many Brazilians recently, Marcos and Amanda Araujo made the difficult choice to leave their homeland and start anew in Canada.

This young couple has a lot on the go these days, they recently got married and are in a great state of change. Although they’re starting from scratch, they’re very excited about their choice to live downtown and particularly at Glasshouse.

“We are searching for a better quality of life,” says Marcos. “Our country is now going through a political crisis, and is in the largest corruption scandal in history. We hope that we will have a smoother life here, after all, we are leaving a city with almost 3 million habitants to one with almost 700,000 habitants.”

While Winnipeg is smaller, there is a lot happening downtown that has attracted Marco and Amanda.

“We like downtown. It’s functional and practical living here. We like the Glasshouse location, the building has a gym, the apartment has a balcony and we can open the windows. (This might sound weird to you, but in our last apartment, windows were sealed). We like the view and for the last, the glass walls caught our attention.”

Glasshouse will also be a great place for the couple to showcase their new life in Winnipeg. “This apartment, with this view and location will help a lot with Amanda’s youtube channel.”

Although the windows and the views have been a major attraction, the interior is their favourite feature with the exposed materials and open-concept design.

After all this change, Marcos is anticipating a more relaxed winter. “I look forward to drinking my coffee, while I look outside my new window and everything is white, covered by snow.”

balcony chic


Summer is here. It’s time to take it outdoors. And with a beautiful Glasshouse balcony, you want to make the most of your space and the incredible experience of your skyloft views. Our friends at BauKorb Outdoor Furniture, who offer sensationally comfortable, high-design outdoor furniture, are the just the pros to talk to when it comes to furnishing your balcony.

“Decorating a balcony is making it come alive by combining your view with the relaxing comfort of high end furniture,” says Brock Bastone, Manager, Baukorb. “Balconies in condos are quite different than furnishing anything else because most condos are very luxury orientated and people more so want to show off every inch of space they have.”

Bastone says that trying to match your indoor and outdoor space isn’t really a priority, as many people think. “You can try and match some things if you will but we have found that for most people the outside is almost a whole other part to the place. When people are being shown around in luxury condos it’s almost like being in an art gallery, you’re looking at different pieces that stand out or draw your attention. In my mind it can be completely different and you can make it however you want, and that’s the best part about it.”

Baukorb Furniture has been operating out of the Exchange District for 3 1/2 years now. The furniture is built to withstand rain, snow, heat and cold. The frames are heavy-gauge aluminum wrapped in wicker that is UV-rated to 5000 hours. The top-quality foam cushions are encased in a highly water-resistant, fade- and stain-resistant custom fabrics.

And of course it is very design-forward.

Brock says that biggest trends trends of 2016 are unique bold colours and patterns that stand out and draw people in. “I have two as my favorites, the Manhattan and the Mount Royal Sofa Set. For a  Glasshouse Condo, I would pick the Mount Royal Sofa set because it looks great on balconies and provides a great comfort for people to hangout.”


designing with plants

Architectural Horticultural –

Plants are a brilliant addition to the interior design of a space, instantly improving air quality and adding interest to any space. We spoke recently with Dominika Dratwa of Verde Plant Design about the particulars on designing with plants at Glasshouse.

“There a so many great plants to choose from,” says Dominika. “Larger tropical specimens, such as monstera, philodendron and fiddle leaf ficus can act as sculptural, statement pieces in a space. Smaller plants and plant groupings add a point of interest drawing the eye in, like a great work of art.”

The right plants can provide a perfect counterbalance to a minimalistic design. “Living spaces designed with clean modern architecture and furniture/décor choices need the warm and organic touches that plants can bring.”
But choosing the right plants is more than strictly a design proposition. Consideration of where to place your plants is an important part of keeping them looking their best.

“South-facing windows are the best light for succulents, cacti and airplants. Tropicals will also do well in this light, provided they are several feet away from the window. For north-facing spaces, choose tropicals such as nerve plants, pothos and spider plants and an assortment of ferns like rabbits foot, leatherleaf button, & staghorn. West and east facing windows have similar light, and it’s good for tropicals such as monstera, philodendron, ficus, rubber trees, palms and some bright green succulents such as jades, aloe and haworthia will do well there.”
Keep in mind proximity is important, adds Dominika. Light quality changes dramatically as you move more than a foot or two away from a window.

Finally, that little bit of care. “Over-watering is the surest way to kill your plants. Most indoor plants don’t like to be to fussed over. When watering make sure to water thoroughly and then leave your plant be. Very few plants like to be watered daily. You can watch your plant for certain signs, for example an overwatered plant’s leaves may start to turn yellow. An under watered plant’s leaves might start going crispy and brown or dropping leaves.”

So, what are the hot trends in the plant world today? “Succulents and airplants are super trendy, people cant get enough of them! Philodendrons, monstera and fiddle leaf ficus seem to be taking the design world by storm adding a sculptural dimension to interior spaces. Terrariums are super popular right now and a great way to display collections of plants.”

And live walls are making their way to Winnipeg. “We live in a subarctic climate where more than half a year there is very little green. Live walls are incredibly lush, making your home super green all year round.”

moving in: jaimi deleau


As a 21 year-old professional dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, it’s time for Jaimi Deleau to move from her family home in Westwood, into a new urban lifestyle that accommodates her dance and travel schedule, her personal style and her love of the Jets.

“One of the first things that attracted me to Glasshouse was the fact that it is a brand new development in downtown Winnipeg and one of the only ones to offer floor to ceiling glass exterior walls,” says Jaimi. “I went and saw the display suite in Winnipeg Square and was very impressed with the concept of “urban chic”, the high quality finishes and efficient suite layout.  The idea of minimalist living and the way the space is used is very appealing to me.”

Beyond her personal skyloft, Jaimi sees herself taking advantage of all that Glasshouse has to offer. “The fabulous amenities – the rooftop lounge, the gym, and the theater sets it apart from other condo buildings in the downtown area.  To me, these areas expand the square footage of my living space. I can see myself using the rooftop lounge quite often, especially in the summer.  I also look forward to having a great gym that I can easily access whenever I want.”

“In terms of decorating ideas, I prefer a contemporary decor.  The floor to ceiling wall of windows will provide a focal point of natural light and a great view of our downtown.  The interior designer working with Urban Capital on Glasshouse (Grant Algar) had some great ideas on how to highlight this feature.  I am excited to have my first walk through so I can start planning the furniture and accents.”

Of course, the location is also a perfect fit for Jaimi. “Downtown Winnipeg is a happening place!  There is so much new development and re-development planned that the future looks very bright.  I am excited to be a part of this transformation.  I am also looking forward to living downtown to be close to my work and the sports and entertainment district of the city.  Being a true hockey fan, living across from the MTS Centre will make game nights that much more exciting! Go Jets go!”

Right now, Jaimi is looking forward to move in day. “I am very excited to become a part of the Glasshouse community and meet new people in all of the fantastic common areas of the building.”

browns socialhouse


Kelly Burns, the Regional Franchisee for Browns Socialhouse is looking forward to opening in CentrePoint this summer. “We’ll be the first choice to watch the game, the atmosphere will be fun, since we’re catering to the sports crowd.”

Browns has a reputation for fresh food, sauces made in house and premium ingredients, but they’re not resting on their reputation. While the menu will be the same, the new Portage Avenue location will have its unique properties. “Because of the location, the concept is different. It’s larger, and then there’s the video wall. At 7 by 24 feet, it’s one of the largest in Canada. People will be able to see the game from the street.”

Their most popular menu items are the burgers, hand-pressed in house, using 100% fresh, never frozen ground beef from Alberta, and the Dragon Bowl that is asian influenced, with rice, spicy teriyaki and pickled cabbage.

There are some menu specials that should play well with the events crowds and the regulars. “Monday to Friday from 3 – 6 pm we have our Social Hour with $4.00 social drinks. Wings and ribs are $6. per pound during that time every day and pizza is $11 all day Sunday and Monday.”

Kelly is most looking forward to getting in and getting a feel for the new place. “Obviously, events right across the street will make it fun and interesting. It’s a different crowd from what we’re used to, with people travelling from all over Manitoba to go to concerts or a game.”

“We want Glasshouse resident to know that we’re creating an atmosphere where people can come in in jeans or a suit, either way they’ll be comfortable.”

clementine cafe


Clementine Café, the newest concept from the owners of Segovia (one Winnipeg’s most popular restaurants) is now open. Restaurateur Carolina Konrad and chef Adam Donnelly teamed up with Raya Konrad and chef Chris Gama to take on a new endeavour: breakfast.

As The Exchange District’s first strictly breakfast-brunch place, Clementine proudly serves coffee from local roaster, Dogwood Coffee. The food is eclectic with a variety of influences including Australian, Spanish, Mexican and Japanese. And you better believe it’s good. The all-day menu has smaller plates and mains making sharing possible – if you’re willing to give up a bite or two – and they offer gourmet cocktails. Clementine also serves fresh baked goods; scones, breads, biscuits and cookies.

Clementine Café is a cozy little spot located at 123 Princess Street, a five-minute walk from Glasshouse Skylofts.

Segovia received international attention when it was named one of Canada’s best restaurants by MacClean’s Magazine in 2012.

10 year prospect of owning


Before we make a decision to invest in real estate, we often ask ourselves the same questions:
Is this is a good investment?
What will my investment look like in five years? In 10?
What will it be worth? What about the market?

Often there aren’t clear-cut answers, however, certain investments are clearly better than others.

Everyone’s mortgage is different; down payments and interest rates vary from case to case, year to year. But let’s have some fun and see how much of a Glasshouse Skyloft you could own after 10 years.

For example: Base Price is $229,900 (these units now start on the 9th floor)
Assuming a 75% mortgage = $172,425
Down payment is 25% of the purchase price = $57,475

Assume a 2.59% interest rate (current posted TD 5 year rate) on a 25 year amortization and your monthly payments are: $781.37

Over 10 years you will pay down $55,659 of your mortgage principal, so your mortgage goes from $172,425 to $116,766. At the same time, by appreciating 2% per year, the value of your $229,900 unit goes up to $280,247.

So you start with: $229,900 – $172,425 = $57,475 investment
After 10 years you have: $280,247 – $116,766 = $163,481.

If the numbers aren’t convincing enough, Glasshouse Skylofts has more going for it. It has three distinct advantages that you can’t get anywhere else in Winnipeg.

State of the Art
Unlike condos from the 70s and 80s that are already starting to show their wear, Glasshouse is a brand new development that upholds today’s building standards, which are more comprehensive and preventative. But Glasshouse takes it a step further. Built by Urban Capital, a well-established, reputable developer, these condos are ready to usher in a new era of modernity that will hold up over the years. Living green in a sustainable future is something Glasshouse takes pride in, maintaining sound environmental design. Condition is just something you won’t have to worry about with this investment, and either is paying for a deteriorating building.

“Location! Location! Location!” said everyone everywhere about real estate. And it’s true. People want to live close to the action! Winnipeg’s downtown is currently going through its greatest upswing since the towers went up at Portage and Main – and most of the action is happening around Glasshouse. The SHED is becoming an urban neighbourhood where like-minded people want to live.


The best investment opportunities are situations where you can reasonably predict the change that is coming and position yourself to ride the wave. There is very substantial public and private investment in Downtown Winnipeg and the trending numbers suggest more and more people are moving here. The secret is getting in at the sweet spot, where you’re between the high risk pioneer and the higher priced second wave. That’s the timing of Glasshouse, today.

No one can predict the future. But a smart real estate investment balances the lifestyle you want with a reasonable expectation of return. Your home should always be a place where you feel both comfortable and secure.

moving in: the ulrichs


After 25 years of marriage, with three adult children now on their own, Edwin and Scarlette Ulrich are moving out of their 5,000 square foot home north of East St. Paul, into one of the top floors of Glasshouse Skylofts.

“We can’t wait to move in,” says Edwin. “Winnipeg has an incredibly vibrant downtown and the summer festival season is amazing. We’re also Jets season-ticket holders and are looking forward to walking to Jets games, and maybe even scooting back to our Glasshouse condo between periods for a quick refreshment!”

The Ulrich’s have already had a glimpse of Downtown living, so they know what they want.

“We had an opportunity to live Downtown Winnipeg for a few months while our house was being used for a movie production. We absolutely fell in love with living downtown and decided it’s where we wanted to live. As we looked for our new home, the criteria included modern styling, easy to maintain, affordable and it had to make us feel as though we were living somewhere special. Glasshouse was a perfect fit.”

The couple is planning to keep things simple in their new space, to make the most of the experience. “We really hope to keep our palette and furnishings simple in order to focus on the amazing Winnipeg skyline just outside our window. We love the views! We actually purchased two units and we can’t decide which suite has the better view. They’re both unique and spectacular.”

march downtown


It’s March in Winnipeg. Think there’s nothing to do but watch the snow melt? Here is a sampling of what you can do this March within 10 minutes of Glasshouse (not including local bars and restaurants).


On now until to March 19


The day after Tiananmen Square in 1989, rookie journalist Joe Schofield snaps a photo of a lone protestor confronting a tank. Twenty years later, Joe receives a tip-off that the Tank Man might be alive.

Royal MTC

John Hirsch Mainstage


Wednesday, March 9 to March 26

Myth of the Ostrich

Laugh-out-loud funny, sweet and surprisingly wise, Myth of the Ostrich shows us that sometimes the truth we seek ends up being the last thing we want to know.

Tom Hendry Warehouse


Thursday, March 10 to March 20


Artful, entertaining and provocative, Reservations asks tough questions about our home and native land.

The Rachel Browne Theatre


Friday, March 11

Dancing In the Streets

The energy, excitement, emotion and electricity of Motown.

Burton Cummings Theatre


March 11 to March 13

WSO presents The Best of Rufus Wainwright, one of the great male vocalists and songwriters of his generation.

Centennial Concert Hall


Saturday, March 12

Jets play the Avalanche

MTS Centre


Wednesday, March 16

Jeff Dunham: Perfectly Unbalanced Tour

Don’t miss this gut splitting, cheek hurting show full of laughter!

MTS Centre


March 16 to April 3

Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts

Prairie Theatre Exchange


Thursday, March 17

Queens of Sheba featuring HEART with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

If you haven’t heard Heart perform Led Zeppelin, you should go.

MTS Centre


St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Bundle up the kids and march through downtown Winnipeg! Anyone can join in.


Friday March 18

Jets play the Blackhawks

MTS Centre


March 18 to March 20

42nd Annual World of Wheels

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg


March 18 to March 19

Carmina Burana with the WSO

Lovely, lusty and endlessly theatrical, Carmina Burana lifts you out of your seat and never lets you go!

Centennial Concert Hall


Saturday, March 19

Virtuosi Concerts presents The Ariel Quartet

Formed as part of a chamber music class at The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, the Ariel Quartet travelled together to study at the New England Conservatory.

Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall – University of Winnipeg


Sunday, March 20

Jets play the Ducks

MTS Centre


Coast to Coast – the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra

Muriel Richardson Auditorium, Winnipeg Art Gallery


Tuesday, March 22

Jets play the Canucks

MTS Centre


Thursday, March 24

Jets play the Kings

MTS Centre


The Watchmen

Hometown rockers returning to Winnipeg in the spring for a show at The Burt.

Burton Cummings Theatre


Friday, March 25

Marianas Trench, With very special guests Walk Off The Earth

MTS Centre


Sunday, March 27

Metric & Death Cab For Cutie: The Lights On The Horizon Tour

MTS Centre


Tuesday, March 29

ZZ Top – Hell Raisers Tour 2016

MTS Centre


Shaun Majumder

Gemini award winning actor and comedian

Burton Cummings Theatre


Wednesday, March 30

Jets play the Senators

MTS Centre


Wednesday, March 30 to April 23

Unnecessary Farce

John Hirsch Mainstage


Thursday, March 31 to April 9

Heathers: The Musical

Tom Hendry Warehouse


Throughout March

The Manitoba Museum

National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers – hands-on activities and displays with the kinds of stunning visuals for which National Geographic is famous.

true north square


This just in, True North Square was officially announced last week. According to the Winnipeg Free Press, it’s even bigger and bolder than was first envisioned. Excavation work is underway. The first office/retail tower should be ready for occupancy by the summer of 2018 and the entire project should be completed by late 2019.

What does this mean for Glasshouse owners? You are right to be ahead of this curve. True North Square will fulfill another major component the SHED district, making Downtown and of the SHED specifically the place to be if you want the best of Winnipeg’s soon to be more dynamic, urban lifestyle.

The MTS Centre is one of the busiest venues of its size in North America. Glasshouse is already surrounded by all kinds of restaurants, arts and entertainment options. And now, these new neighbours will be bringing lots of their friends.

own from $1250/month

In Winnipeg, you can rent a 50 year old, one bedroom apartment between Broadway and Assiniboine for about $1,000 a month.

Or for $1250 you can own a brand new Skyloft at Glasshouse.

At the apartment, you get apartment-size white appliances and carpet. Laundry is in the basement and costs $1.50 – $2.00 per load.

At Glasshouse, you get brand new SS appliances and hardwood floors. Your home includes floor to ceiling glass windows and modern, high end finishes throughout. Laundry is located within your suite.

For amenities, the apartment may contain workout equipment that was considered state-of-the-art around the time you were born.

At Glasshouse, there is a state-of-the-art media room you can book to entertain, a gym with extensive fitness and cardio equipment, and an indoor /outdoor rooftop lounge where, summer or winter, you and your family and friends can cook and eat together, enjoy a few cocktails and take in outstanding views from 21 floors up.

At the apartment, the building owner gets get rich off your hard earned pay cheques.

At Glasshouse, you’ll be building equity as a homeowner.

The bonus: Glasshouse is directly connected indoors to the Merchant Kitchen, one of Winnipeg’s hottest restaurants, the Alt Hotel and soon, Brown’s Social Club on Portage.

How can all this be so affordable? The secret is today’s interest rates and Glasshouse’s very reasonable condo fees that keep your cost of ownership down.

Downtown Winnipeg is growing more vibrant and becoming more popular every day. Glasshouse is your opportunity to take ownership of your future.

Check out our first time home buyer’s incentive. It’s time for you to live at Glasshouse.

rooftop entertaining


Yes, it’s been -40. And it’s hard to imagine spending a warm summer evening on the Glasshouse rooftop outdoor patio, with a drink in hand, taking in the stars and the view of the City. If it gets a bit chilly, you can pull up a seat at a fire pit, or snuggle in a cabana.

But picture this: next winter when it’s -40, Glasshouse owners can still head up to the rooftop, enjoy magnificent 360 degree winter views, from the indoor lounge; shooting pool; perhaps catching some northern lights.

You don’t have to just imagine the view. Now that we’re up to full height, here are some photos of the view from the roof and the indoor lounge framing.

Just think, for New Year’s eve 2016, you could watch the fireworks from here.

Current North West view from the 21st floor.

no tickets? no problem.


The 2015/2016 NHL and AHL hockey seasons are underway and the City is buzzing.

Season tickets are still hard to come by but with Glasshouse, no seasons tickets = no problem. As an owner, by this time next year Home Game will have a whole new meaning.

Above: Glasshouse – second story amenities. Right: Urban Capital – “Hideaway” project in Ottawa.

Above: Glasshouse – second story amenities. Right: Urban Capital – “Hideaway” project in Ottawa.

Here’s how Glasshouse owners experience hockey.

Step 1) Book the 2nd Floor Theatre Room a week in advance at the concierge desk located in the lobby of your building.

Step 2) Invite 15 to 20 of your closest friends and relatives over the night of the big game. Tell them to bring their jerseys and BYOB.

Step 3) Pre-order from your favourite restaurant, or whip up your famous Jack Daniels Pulled Pork Nachos.

Step 4) Load the fridge in the Theatre Room with beverages. Pre-slice a few limes. Turn on the tv and surround sound system.

Step 5) Have your friends show up at your door, drink a few beverages in your loft then make your way down to the Theatre Room for the ‘Oh Canada’ (don’t forget to yell ‘True North’ along with the crowd).

Step 6) Take your seats in front of the projection screen, with surround sound. Your guests will be comfortable with the attached private kitchen.

Step 7) Watch the puck drop and all the action. Eat, drink, cheer and swear, as appropriate.

Step 8) At the final whistle, pop into your loft and let out a few cheers off your balcony as you watch the fans pour out onto Portage Avenue.

Step 9) Feel the excitement of another win as you make your way to your favourite downtown watering-hole just steps away from your front door.

Step 10) Some number of hours later. Put your friends into a cab, and you walk comfortably five minutes back to your beautiful skyloft.

The bonus: Next morning, despite a mild headache, you relive it all at the office coffee pot. You stick your hand in your pocket and find the $100 you didnt spend. Good thing, ‘cause it’s Friday and you’re going to a show at the Burt tonight. How appropriate.

the merchant kitchen & bar

Meet the Neighbours – The Merchant Kitchen and Bar

When you live at Glasshouse, the Merchant Kitchen will be your corner bar.

Check it out at Bazaar – the Unexpected Happy Hour – every Friday from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

It’s your chance to explore the menu with samplings served ‘en el bordos tapas’, try some original handcrafted cocktails and perhaps have a few unconventional experiences.

“We want to change the experience of Happy Hour,” says Bobby Mottola, owner. “Typically you go out after work with one or two people, you sit with them and have a drink or two. That can be fine, but we want to create a more European experience – where people get up and fill their plates with food, where conversation takes place around the bar and across tables, and where music and entertainment adds interest and texture, instead of just volume.”

The Merchant Kitchen and Bar opened last May to great reviews. With street bites, salads, bowls and large plates, the ‘elevated street food’ menu has enough global influences for all tastes, for the brave, there’s tequila on tap and many ‘first in Winnipeg’ cocktail offerings.

Bazaar – the Unexpected Happy Hour is sponsored by Glasshouse – so you just might meet a few of your future neighbours there.

alt hotel winnipeg

Meet the Neighbours – Alt Hotel Winnipeg

In May, over 200 people arrived at the Alt Hotel Winnipeg to experience the chic no-frills style that the Quebec hotel chain has become known for. Local jazz artist Rayannah set the vibe early in the lobby as guests were greeted and offered a glass of prosecco. On the upper floors, DJ Mama Cutsworth kept things light and dreamy as guests were given the opportunity to tour rooms and meeting spaces, while enjoying drinks and hors d’oeuvres.


Alt Hotel Winnipeg is part of Centrepoint — a $100M real estate project developed by AXLP (a partnership of Artis REIT and Longboat Development), Group Germain Hotels and Urban Capital. Covering one city block, the 200,000-square foot tower will include Alt Hotel Winnipeg, two restaurants, four floors of office space and a parkade, which will provide guests with direct access to the hotel through a skywalk. Lemay Michaud Architecture Design and Stantec Architecture & laid out the building’s sophisticated structure, while NovaCon Projects managed its development.

Throughout the summer, Alt Hotel Winnipeg has stayed busy, while the offices at Centrepoint are now home to Winnipeg businesses and the Merchant Bar + Kitchen is earning rave reviews for its take on Latin and Asian-inspired street food.

Glasshouse Skylofts will also be connected to Centrepoint via the skybridge — making Alt Hotel Winnipeg an easy and convenient hotel choice for visiting friends and family.

For more information on our neighbours visit their website.

studs of summer


Oh, they say “if only the walls could talk, the tales they could tell”.

Here is our story: It gets riveting. It gets screwed. It gets shot, lies on the floor and rises to the ceiling.

It is not the plot of Fifty Shades, it is the components in the drywall system.

Here are some interesting facts to give you an idea of the scale of this project: even with the open loft plans it still takes enough sheets of drywall to cover the equivalent of 9.12 full CFL fields or 13.89 full NFL fields, including end zones, to create the rooms in Glasshouse Skylofts. There are enough steel studs coming to site that if they were placed end to end they would reach from the Glasshouse Skylofts site to Grand Beach – and then still extend another 12 miles into the lake. There is enough drywall compound to be used to seamlessly cover the joints in the drywall to fill 29,167 Super Big Gulp cups (not that you would). 

As the glass enclosure of the building grows floor by floor toward the top, that protection from weather allows drywall crews to complete the interiors of suites. The layout has been carefully considered to allow building services like plumbing lines, electrical services, communication wiring, heating, venting and lighting all to be efficiently encased without sacrificing the volume of space in each suite. A suite layout is measured on the floor planks, and a U shaped steel track is riveted into both the floor and ceiling with shots from a Hilti gun. As entire walls of steel studs are screwed into place, other trades follow closely behind. Electricians use precut openings in the steel stud to pull flexible conduit through to outlets and light fixture junction boxes. They web a magnificent silver string of veins for power to run safely from panels to points of use. The studs also have some horizontal stiffeners placed in the precut openings to add some structural rigidity. In kitchens and bathrooms, large sections of plywood are mounted between the studs to provide backing for the future cabinets.

So what appears to be a simple, clean wall infact is the bookcover for thousands of tradesman hours, numerous design refinements and enormous amounts of building services. Before you move in and enjoy the final clean drywall partitions they have already been journals for design sketches, notations of measurements and calculations, a few bad jokes and some colourful language, site messages and foreman instructions.

You actually knew the story couldn’t be the plot from Fifty Shades as soon as I said “it gets riveting”, didn’t you.